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Learning financial literacy is hard enough — make it fun with MoneyIsland. In this fun-filled adventure game, the values of good money management come to life. Young savers must overcome various challenges, mastering invaluable financial principles along the way. Parents and teachers can even play along. Best of all, it is completely free!*

  • Geared for kids age 8 to 14
  • Free, multi-level online game
  • Teaches valuable financial skills
  • Enhance experience with a physical passport and stickers
  • Earn real-life rewards
  • Parents can play along
  • Meets national standards for financial literacy
  • Developed by an award-winning teacher

To get started, a parent, teacher, or other adult takes the following steps to set up each user in their family or school.

Join as an adult

  1. Visit
  2. Click the big "PLAY" button
  3. Select "Join As Adult"
  4. Enter your Access Code, provided by BAC. 
  5. (If you don't have an access code, a link will appear for you to request an Access Code be emailed to you.)
  6. Then choose if "Parent" or "Teacher" and complete the simple sign-up form.

Next, set up each child player:

  1. Simply enter the child's first name and click "Done" (The system will automatically generate a "Kid Code" for each player.)
  2. When each child has a "Kid Code" assigned, "Log Out" of MoneyIsland
  3. Provide each child their unique "Kid Code" for use during their initial game access.

Join as a kid

  1. Child visits
  2. Click the big "PLAY" button
  3. Select "Join As Kid"
  4. Enter "Kid Code"
  5. Create unique "Islander Name"
  6. Create unique "Password"
  7. Select unique "Security Question"
  8. Click "Done" and you will be automatically logged in to the game.

Now you're ready to enjoy your adventures on MoneyIsland through the web site or the iPad app!

*Message and data rates may apply based on your plan with your mobile carrier.