Merchant Payment Card Processing

Smarter, faster, easier payment processing

There's no business quite like yours. So why should your Merchant Services be the same as everyone else's? To remain competitive, you need payment solutions that truly connect with customers in the new ways they increasingly demand.

That's where BAC Community Bank comes in. With our strategic partner Vantiv, one of the top payment processors in the nation, we consult with large and small businesses to provide the latest payment processing technology solutions.

    We'll help you:

    • Reduce risk - with a comprehensive suite of advanced data security solutions designed to help protect your business and your customers.
    • Drive revenue - with business-building tools designed to nurture existing customers and attract new ones, while improving your efficiency.
    • Enjoy more value - with a consultative payment processing analysis. In addition to a free, no-obligation quote and transparent pricing, we'll help you maximize your results with a payment processing solution designed for your specific business.

    Take a look at the solutions we deliver to make payments smarter, faster, and easier than ever. Let’s talk.


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    EMV/Chip Card Processing 

    Limit your fraud liability and preserve customer trust with an EMV and encryption-enabled terminal. Processing chip cards with an updated payment device can help protect your business by ensuring that your customers' payment cards are valid, while limiting your fraud chargeback liability and protecting sensitive card data.

    Credit Card Acceptance

    Accept payment cards no matter what brand your customers use. You'll have access to all of the major card networks, including Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express®. You can also process Fleet and Commercial cards - including Level II and Level III data transmission.

    Debit Card Acceptance

    Customers appreciate the simplicity and convenience of debit cards. Enable these purchases with dependable, secure debit card services. With Vantiv leading the nation as the largest processor of online PIN debit transactions*, you can take advantage of the expertise of a true payments leader. *Source: The Nilson Report, March 2015

    Mobile Payment Acceptance

    Download our mobile app and combine it with our mobile card reader so you can quickly and securely swipe any U.S.- issued credit, debit or prepaid card for processing on a smartphone or tablet. Looking for a more advanced mobile payment solution? Try our affordable, tablet based, cloud-connected mobile point-of-sale (POS) system. Manage inventory, track sales, market to customers, process sales and more - anytime, anywhere.

    Electronic Check Services

    Choose from several electronic check processing options that provide real-time authorizations and fewer check-processing hassles. Check services can help you reduce the risk of fraud and bad checks while reducing your check processing costs and increasing back-office efficiencies.

    Gift Card Programs

    Increase sales, improve cash flow, and project your brand with our affordable gift card program. Our gift card program enables multiple transaction types, flexible program controls, and cardholder and merchant support features to ensure you get the most out of your gift card program.

    Data Security Programs

    Take the complexity out of payment security with our advanced security suite. Our cutting edge security solutions give you the confidence you need to safely accept payments and dramatically reduce your fraud liability and breach vulnerability.
    Our extensive security suite includes:

    • PCI Assist - Achieve and maintain PCI compliance with ease. Assistance with vulnerability scans, self-assessments, and checklists help you avoid the devastating loss of consumer trust and the financial impact associated with a data breach.
    • Breach Assist - Limit your financial liability in the event of a data breach with Breach Assist. Our breach protection service provides reimbursement for certain breach related costs and includes funds for related hardware and software upgrades that may be required post-breach.
    • Encryption - Add a solid layer of protection by encrypting data the moment it enters your system, and throughout the entire transaction. Card data encryption removes card data from your network, reducing your risk of data compromise and helping you reduce the scope of your PCI compliance requirements.
    • Tokenization - Protect card data at rest with our tokenization service. Tokenization replaces card data with a substitute value—a token—that is useless to criminals, while enabling functions like recurring payments and tip adjustment.

    eCommerce Solutions

    For your card-not-present situations you can accept credit, debit and even recurring payment transactions. Manage transactions easily, efficiently and cost-effectively—without expensive alternative acceptance devices—and get convenient and comprehensive customer reporting too.

    Online Reporting Capabilities

    Manage your accounts 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week with our secure, online reporting portal. It's a quick, secure, easy-to-use tool that can help you reconcile merchant accounts, respond to chargeback notices, research customer transactions, and more.

    Recurring Payment Solutions

    Offer convenience for customers, and ensure you never miss a payment with our recurring payment solutions. Recurring payments functionality lets cardholders authorize you to periodically bill their payment card for recurring goods or services.

    Electronic Benefit Transfer

    Support all EBT card forms - SNAP, Cash Benefit and WIC - using the same equipment and processing systems as you do for credit and debit. Accepting EBT delivers complete point-of-sale convenience for EBT cardholders.

    To learn more about our merchant solutions program, please contact us today.


    Some Business transactions or services may have additional fees, please refer to the Business Deposit Accounts Fee & Information Schedule.