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We offer CDs for your business at competitive fixed rates and flexible terms.
Invest in your future today!

For all details, account definitions, features and fees, please refer to our
Business Deposit Accounts Fee & Information Schedule and Deposit Account Agreement & Disclosure.


Account Details
Commerce Certificates of Deposit are interest-bearing consumer time deposit accounts.
$2,500 minimum deposit to open.


Monthly Service Charge

Account Features
No Monthly Service Charge
Fixed Terms
Earns Interest

See Transaction Limitations and
Early Withdrawal Penalty below


Earns Interest

Earns Interest
A fixed rate of interest is paid on the
available balance of this account.
Minimum balance may apply.

See Interest information below

View current rates

Contact us for assistance


Automatic Renewal At Maturity

Automatic Renewal
at Maturity

See Grace Period below



  • View current rates.

  • Contact us for assistance.

  • The rate in effect when you open or renew your CD is fixed for the term of the CD.

  • Interest is compounded when credited to the CD.

  • Interest will be credited to your account monthly.

  • Interest can be:
    • Credited to your CD; or
    • Credited to your checking or savings account with the Bank.
      (Transferring or withdrawing interest will reduce your earnings.)

  • We use the daily balance method to calculate the interest on your CD. This method applies your fixed interest rate to the principal in the account each day.




  • You may not make any deposits into your CD before maturity.

  • Principal withdrawn before maturity is subject to an early withdrawal fee.

  • You may withdraw interest credited before maturity without penalty.
    (Transferring or withdrawing interest will reduce your earnings.)




  • A grace period begins the day after maturity and lasts for:
    • One (1) calendar day for CDs with a term of 1 month or less,
    • Ten (10) calendar days for CDs with a term over 1 month.

  • During the grace period, you may without a penalty:
    • Change the term,
    • Make additional deposits,
    • Withdraw funds,
    • Close the CD.

  • If you withdraw funds during the grace period, we will not pay interest from the date of maturity to the date of withdrawal on the funds withdrawn.




  • Withdrawals made before the maturity date are subject to an early withdrawal penalty:
    • For terms of 1-2 months, the penalty fee is equal to 1 month of interest on the amount withdrawn,
    • For terms of 3-12 months, the penalty fee is equal to 3 months of interest on the amount withdrawn,
    • For terms of 13-24 months, the penalty fee is equal to 6 months of interest on the amount withdrawn,
    • For terms of 25 months or more, the penalty fee is equal to 12 months of interest on the amount withdrawn.

  • In certain circumstances, such as death or incompetence, the early withdrawal penalty fee may be waived.


Other Available Services
Apply for these services regardless of which checking account your business uses.


Merchant Card Services by Clover

Merchant Card Services by Clover
Accept Visa®, Mastercard®, Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, Samsung Pay®, and other payments.


Business Credit Card

Business Credit Card
Apply for a Business card to better manage purchases, even assign to employees as needed.


ZRent / ZDeposit

ZRent / ZDeposit
Available, No Monthly Fee
If you have any kind of rental property, effortlessly collect monthly rent from tenants and manage security deposits.

(ZRent and ZDeposit are free for all users when deposits are made through BAC Community Bank, a ZSuite partner bank.)


Business Loans

Business Loans
Explore our variety of business solutions, talk with a local business banking professional, and apply for a loan to meet your needs.



All accounts are subject to approval. Restrictions and limitations may apply.  At any time and at the discretion of BAC Community Bank standard features and account requirements may change after account is opened. Customer may need to initiate use of some services by enrolling in or requesting the service.