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Best for businesses with high transaction volume, this account is tailored to your particular needs. Offset fees with an Earnings Credit, so you are in complete control.

    • Transaction* fees may be offset by Earnings Credit
    • $20 monthly service charge
      • May be offset by an Earnings Credit
    • $100 minimum deposit to open
    Earnings Credit

    An Earnings Credit is used to offset certain fees noted in the Business Deposit Accounts Fee & Information Schedule. The Earnings Credit is calculated by applying an earnings credit rate to the investable balance. The earnings credit rate is determined by the Bank and is subject to change at the Bank’s discretion. Interest paid to the account, if any, is deducted from the Earnings Credit amount. When your fees exceed your Earnings Credit, a service charge will be assessed for the excess amount.

    Information accurate as of March 1, 2018.

    The words "month" and "monthly" are used throughout this document to refer to an account statement cycle.

    Any business checking account with over 500 transactions posted per monthly statement cycle or routine uncollected funds, may be reviewed and converted to a Commerce Analyzed Checking account. If the Bank converts your account you will be notified in advance..

    *Please refer to the Business Deposit Accounts Fee & Information Schedule for further details.

    **Additional fees may apply, please refer to the Business Deposit Accounts Fee & Information Schedule.

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    All accounts subject to approval. Restrictions and limitations may apply.