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Monthly dues, rent collection & security deposit management has never been this easy!

These FREE tools are ideal for any business with recurring rental arrangements, such as: Property Managers, Landlords, Boat Slip, Hair Salon or Horse Barn owners

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Automatic Rent Collection

ZRent takes the hassle out of rent day. Monthly payments are automatically collected and deposited directly into the individual or business owner’s bank account! No more checks or trips to the bank, and payments are received on a reliable schedule. ZRent is always free for tenants and is free for individuals, property managers, landlords, homeowner associations, and other businesses receiving payments into a BAC Community Bank account.

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Effortless Security Deposits

ZDeposit is one digital platform that streamlines the opening, funding, and management of security deposit accounts, including disbursement of funds. It saves time and automates workflows to provide transparency, while facilitating compliance with state-specific statutes regarding required disclosures and interest payments. ZDeposit is free for all users when deposits are made through BAC Community Bank, a ZDeposit partner bank.

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