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Designed for persons age 17 and younger who want to open a savings account with no monthly fees. This account is ideal for saving allowance money, gift money, and money earned by a young person through odd jobs, seasonal work, or part-time employment.5,6

Savings Goal Calculator

A variable rate, interest-bearing personal savings account.6

  • For accountholders 17 years of age and younger (Requires an adult age 18 or older as joint owner.)
  • No recurring monthly service charge (At age 18, this account converts to our standard Select Savings with a $3 monthly service charge if a balance of $400 is not maintained, or accountholder may choose any other account type available.)
  • No minimum balance required
  • Earns interest
  • Free account management tools provided with this account:
  • $25 minimum deposit to open

BAC Community Bank limits certain types of withdrawals and transfers from Savings accounts.5


Want to Add a Teen Checking Account?

We also offer a Teen Checking account that can be linked to the Minor Savings.

Savings Calculator

Whether it's a down payment, college, or the latest gadget...a savings plan can help you reach your goal. Use our Savings Goal Calculator to experiment based on length of time and amount per month.

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Use our other Financial Calculators to better understand how loans work, how our reward checkings account work, how some business accounts work, and more! 

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All accounts subject to approval. Restrictions and limitations may apply.

Information is accurate as of February 7, 2023.

There are no recurring monthly service charges or fees to open or close this account.

Other fees may apply. See our Personal Deposit Accounts Fees & Information Schedule for fees that may apply to this account. Contact a BAC service representative for additional information, details, and restrictions.


Footnotes Specific to Minor Savings at BAC Community Bank

4Service included at no charge. Customer may need to initiate use of the service by enrolling in or requesting the service.

5No more than 6 transfers or withdrawals of the following type are permitted during your monthly statement cycle:

  • Payments to third-parties such as checks, drafts, debit cards or similar transactions
  • Transfers by phone using our automated service or speaking with a banker on the phone
  • Transfers or payments through online, mobile and text banking (including Bill Pay and person to person payments)
  • Transfers to a checking account for Overdraft Protection
  • Pre-authorized transfers and withdrawals
  • Debit card purchases

  There are no limits on transfers or withdrawals made in person at an ATM, Bank branch or on any type of deposit. If you regularly exceed 6 limited transactions during a statement cycle, BAC Community Bank may convert your savings or money market into a checking account or may close your account.

6At any time and at the discretion of BAC Community Bank standard features and account requirements may change after account is opened.

10Minimum balance may apply. Please contact us or visit your local branch for current rate information. At our discretion, the bank may change variable interest rates and annual percentage yields (APY). The current interest rate, APY, balance and tier requirements associated with our accounts are documented in our Deposit Rate Schedule.