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Information accurate as of March 1, 2018.

The words "month" and "monthly" are used throughout this document to refer to an account statement cycle.

For information on interest calculations and payments or additional terms, please refer to account disclosures linked above.

No more than 6 transfers or withdrawals of the following type are permitted during your monthly statement cycle:

  • Payments to third parties by check, draft, debit card or other similar transactions
  • Transfers by telephone using our automated telephone system or speaking with a bank employee on the telephone
  • Transfers of payments through online, mobile and text banking (including Bill Payment)
  • Pre-authorized or automatic transfers and withdrawals
  • Debit card purchases

There are no limits on transfers or withdrawals made in person at an ATM, Bank branch or on any types of deposits.

If excess activity occurs on more than an occasional basis, the Bank may be required to convert the account to a checking account or close the account.

Deposited item refers to any combination of deposits (except mobile) and deposited items (transit only), including paper and electronic.

Excess transaction fees still apply.

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