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What are Paperless Statements?

Paperless Statements are an electronic method of receiving your account statements through our online Internet Banking service.
Paperless Statements are available for both business and personal accounts.

What do Paperless Statements look like?

Paperless Statements include the same information as paper statements including check images and informational messages.

How do I sign up for Paperless Statements?

To get started, click here . You must enroll in Personal Internet Banking or Business Cash Management to receive Paperless Statements.

What happens next?

An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you during enrollment, containing instructions to view the "Electronic Disclosure and Consent" document. After clicking on the link, fill in the required fields and click the "I Consent" button to confirm your enrollment for Paperless Statements.

Customer Service will be notified when you click the "I consent" button and an email will be sent to you confirming your account has been changed to receive Paperless Statements and will begin with your next statement.

Will customers need a password to view their Paperless Statements?

You will be able to view your Paperless Statements when you login to Internet Banking, select an account and click the Documents button. No additional password is necessary.

Can customers request both an Paperless Statement and a paper statement?

No, customers choose between an Paperless Statement or paper statement.

Can I request a paper statement?

Your statements will be stored for you on our secure server. You may also download or print them for your own files.

I have two checking accounts and a savings account. Do I need to register all three?

Yes, you need to submit an Paperless Statement enrollment form for EACH checking or savings account you have.

Can I combine my accounts so I only get one Paperless Statement?

No. For your convenience we will provide separate Paperless Statements. If an account closes for some reason, the statements for the other accounts will still be available.

Can I download my statement information to Quicken or other popular accounting software?

Yes, you may download your account activity into Quicken, Quickbooks or other popular accounting software.

Can I switch back to paper statements?

Yes. Contact customer service at (877) 226-5820 or send email.

What equipment or software do I need to view my statements?

You will need all of the following:

  • An e-mail account to receive initial setup instructions and confirmation email
  • Any PC or Macintosh computer that has an Internet connection
  • An Internet browser capable of 128 encryption for security 

When is my new online statement ready for viewing?

Statements are run at the end of each month. You'll most likely be able to review your Paperless Statement days earlier than a traditional mailed statement.

Which will I receive faster, mailed paper statements or online Paperless Statements?

Online statements are faster. With online statements, you will not have mail service or postal delays.

Are online statements as secure as mailed statements?

Paperless Statements are stored in a secure manner. Traditional mailed statements can be stolen or lost, but your Paperless Statements are stored within your online banking on a secure server.