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Scanner Cleaning and Maintenance Recommendations.

We have provided you with instructions on how to properly clean your scanner. Below is the list of recommended products which can be purchased at most office supply stores as well as a link to the vendor website which provides you with additional accessories beneficial for your machine. In order for your scanner to maintain its efficient functioning it is important for you to take the recommended steps for cleaning and maintaining your machine.

The recommended cleaning schedule for your check scanner is once a week, or as needed based on the quantity and condition of the documents being processed. Dust, lint and small particles can get into the track area which will prevent the scanner from operating smoothly. Also, after extended use it will be necessary to replace the Feeder and Separator Roller Rings due to normal wear. At some point it may also be necessary to purchase additional or replacement cords which are available to you through the vendor website provided below.

Cleaning Products:

Lint Free Data Wipes 
Canned Air

Scanner Supplies:

Please visit to order scanner supplies.

Helpful How-To Videos