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Merchant Remote Deposit Agreement and Endorsement Requirements

June 27, 2018

The following information was recently emailed to MRD clients as a courtesy to be alert to a postal package that was mailed out by BAC. Inside this package is a letter that contains the information below, as well as a new rubber stamp for each check scanner in use for making remote deposits to BAC Community Bank.

The letter is in regards to our Merchant Remote Deposit Agreement that has been recently updated to include a clear definition of “Endorsements / Indorsements” and standardized requirements for preparation and processing of remote check deposits effective July 1, 2018. This revised Agreement is available on our website at

The following portions of the Agreement have been adjusted as shown below:

Section 2: Definitions

  • Electronically Created Item (new)

    NEW WORDING: “Electronically Created Item” means an electronic Image that has all the attributes of an electronic check or electronically returned check but was created electronically and not derived from a paper check.


  • Endorsement / Indorsement (new)

    NEW WORDING: “Endorsement / Indorsement” means the payee’s signature and/or depository account information on the back of check indicating that the payee has received the check.
  1. “Restrictive Endorsement / Indorsement” refers to the above endorsement / indorsement to further include the statement “For Remote Deposit Capture at BAC Community Bank Only.”


Section 5: Customer’s Responsibilities

  • Section 5 d (updated)

    NEW WORDING: Before scanning an Item, place a legible restrictive endorsement thereon.
    PREVIOUS WORDING: Before scanning an Item, place a legible endorsement thereon.

  • Section 5 h iii (new)

    NEW WORDING: Any electronically created items


Section 12: Customer Representations and Warranties

  • Section 12 d iii 4 (new)

    NEW WORDING: By scanning an item for Merchant Remote Deposit (remote deposit capture), you guarantee that the item has not already been deposited and will not subsequently be deposited at another institution and you assume all liability for items remotely deposited into your account.


In addition to their regular endorsement, MRD users are advised that upon receipt of the package we mailed, please begin using the provided rubber stamp when preparing checks for remote deposit through the Merchant Remote Deposit system.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-877-226-5820.

Thank you for banking with BAC Community Bank.