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Her Life Magazine -- June 2023
William "Bill" Trezza - Cultivating community one step at a time
What do bocce courts, Italian heritage, community service and banking have in common? If you're Bill Trezza, all go hand in hand as he prepares for the Festa Italiana 2023.

Antioch Herald -- April 5, 2023
How community banks drive local economic growth
April is Community Banking Month, a time to recognize the important role that community banks play in supporting local economies while helping individuals and small businesses achieve their financial goals.

San Joaquin Magazine -- March 2023
How to make money moves
BAC Community Bank has taken banking to the next level with the launch of Smart ALAC. Whether accessed online or through a mobile app, this innovative tool makes financial management easier and more convenient for customers.

San Joaquin Magazine -- March 2022
How to choose the right banking partner
Small business owners have one main objective -- success. Whether it's monetary or measured by some other factor, every business owner wants to be successful.

Her Life Magazine -- August 2021
Dana Bockstahler - The strength of quiet influence
As a life-long learner, navigating change and finding ways to improve are things that Dana enjoys. Continuous innovations provide many benefits, but at the end of the day it is all about relationships.

Her Life Magazine -- April 2021
BAC Community Bank - Connecting people with extraordinary banking services
As a first-generation Cambodian-American, Samnang "Sam" Bou never envisioned being the CFO of a community bank, but as it turns out, she is the perfect person for the job. Sam noted, "Opportunities presented themselves, and they led me to BAC. Our philosophies and core values are community-focused, and I enjoy working in an environment where community is a big part of what we do."

San Joaquin Magazine -- March 2021
How-to bank safely online or offline
When it comes to handling your money, safety and security have always been important. However, now health concerns are added to the mix. How do you guard both your physical and financial health during a pandemic?

Brentwood Press -- October 15, 2020
Local Brentwood bank is a lifeline during pandemic
When BAC Community Bank first formed in Brentwood as a single-office bank in 1965, its goal was to meet the financial needs of local small businesses and families. As the bank has grown over the years, this focus has not changed. And when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the bank was able to live up to its aspiration: "to strengthen the financial health of our communities by connecting people to extraordinary financial services."

Tracy Press -- August 18, 2020
Providing financial relief; BAC staff works overtime to process local PPP loans
In the midst of the crisis, the bank reassigned staff from multiple departments to support the PPP loans. Working nights and weekends allowed the bank to manage a 600% increase in loan processing compared to a regular month -- and most of the increase was processed in just 10 days.

The Record (Stockton) -- February 28, 2019
Eyes on Stockton, US economic future at summit
John Mitchell hopped into a taxi in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The renowned economist struck up a conversation with the driver. When Mitchell said he was catching a flight to speak at the 30th annual Economic Forecast in Stockton, the driver exclaimed, “Stockton. That’s the place with the guaranteed income.”

The Record (Stockton) -- February 24, 2019
Community banks living up to serving the community
Small businesses getting loans and financing from local banks is a cornerstone of free enterprise. In these instances, investment stays within the community, and both the business and lending institution prosper.

209 Business Journal -- February 2019
Trezza retires, Bockstahler steps into new role
Bill Trezza retires after 37 years of visionary leadership... Over the years, Dana Bockstahler has filled many roles at BAC Community Bank, from chief financial officer to operations administrator.

Brentwood Press -- January 31, 2019
BAC Community Bank's William Trezza retires, Dana Bockstahler steps into new role
Trezza has led BAC Community Bank through growth and development while creating an executive team to lead for years to come.

Martinez News-Gazette -- January 30, 2019
Trezza Retires As BAC Community Bank CEO
William R. (Bill) Trezza, chief executive officer of BAC Community Bank, is retiring after 37 years of leading the bank, building relationships, developing staff and encouraging community support.

The Record (Stockton) -- January 12, 2019
Bill Trezza retires after 37 years with Bank
Trezza put together a team that included Dana Bockstahler, who has succeeded Trezza as CEO, Janet Jenkins, who now is the executive vice president and chief credit officer, and more recently, Chief Lending Officer Paul Haley.

Brentwood Press -- October 29, 2018 
BAC Community Bank honored
BAC Community Bank, founded on the corner of Second and Maple in Brentwood over 50 years ago, has once again been named one of the top extraordinary banks in the U.S.

110° Magazine -- September 2018 
50 Years of Serving East County
Brentwood's BAC Community Bank has been a local icon for more than five decades. It opened under its original Bank of Agriculture & Commerce title on Friday, May 21, 1965, when the town had fewer than 3,000 residents.

The Record (Stockton) -- July 7, 2018 
$1.35 million grant will help Stockton’s Gospel Center Rescue Mission convert Alustiza Hotel into facility for women and children
Money was awarded this week by the Federal Home Loan Bank’s Affordable Housing Program with sponsorship from BAC Community Bank.

Central Valley Business Journal -- April 24, 2018 
[Archived on BAC web site]

Trezza reflects on 34 years as CEO of BAC, challenges in the industry
William “Bill” Trezza, CEO of BAC Community Bank, knew how to fix the problems in the banking industry long before taking on his position.

110° Magazine -- March 2018
Doing Banking Right - A BAC Community Bank Manager Describes How Banking Should Be Done
For the past three years I have been manager of the Discovery Bay Branch of BAC Community Bank.

San Joaquin Magazine -- March 2018
How To: Create Strong Passwords
Sure, your common password is easy to remember, but is it leaving you vulnerable?

110° Magazine -- December 2017
Spreading Holiday Goodness Throughout the Year
The attitudes, policies, and practices of BAC Community Bank in effect promote a holiday-like generosity 12 months a year.

San Joaquin Magazine -- March 2017
How To: Avoid Debit Card Fraud
Fraud is no fun. And if you've ever fallen victim, you're aware of the time and energy wasted on such an inconvenience.

110° Magazine -- March 2017
BAC Community Bank Acknowledged as The Best
Despite its expansive use of technology and successful growth into neighboring communities, BAC remains focused on providing high quality local community banking to the families and businesses it serves.

110° Magazine -- August 2016
Banking on Brentwood and East Contra Costa - A Brief History of BAC Community Bank
Most of our current branches are in Contra Costa County. Our first bank was in Brentwood.