Setup These Alerts & Features to Help Fight Fraud

The old adage that “knowledge is power” is certainly true when it comes to receiving an account alert for a transaction that you may not have authorized. The sooner you alert the bank of questionable activity, the better. In fact, banking regulations dictate just how much time an accountholder has in order to notify a financial institution of possible fraud.

If you are not receiving account activity alerts through email or text message – you have probably not enabled this available service through online banking.

These alerts are highly customizable and easy to setup.

Here are the top alerts every accountholder should have established on their account, and the steps set these up at BAC Community Bank.

    When you define a low balance alert, you not only help yourself stay on budget and minimize the risk of unexpected overdrafts, you may also be able to detect fraudulent activity if the balance falls below what you expect. 
    These alerts can be set a number of ways. Establish alerts to notify you of withdrawals, deposits, and other activities above a customized dollar value.
    This alert is automatic for BAC Community Bank online banking services. Be sure that we have your correct email address listed within online banking, and pay close attention to any notifications you receive related to changes to your profile or password.

Three Tools from BAC Community Bank

Online Banking

TEXT & EMAIL ALERTS - Set up and manage your account text and email notifications by accessing the “Alerts” menu after signing in to Personal Internet Banking or Business Online Cash Management.

Mobile Banking App

INSTANT BALANCE – Set up the “Instant Balance” feature of Personal Mobile Banking to view balances without signing in.

MobiMoney App

NOTIFICATIONS – Set up real-time notifications of debit card transactions through the MobiMoney app.

RESTRICT OR LOCK CARD – This app also provides you the ability to manage how and where your debit card can be used.

Take Quick Action
Notify the Bank right away if any alert or other notification seems out of the ordinary or you feel you are the victim of identity theft. The bank’s web site and telephone number are on the back of your debit card for easy access. If you suspect debit card fraud, lock down the card through the MobiMoney app right away.

BAC Community Bank customer service: 1-877-226-5820 or (209) 473-6800

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