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Personal Mobile Banking through a Web Browser*

What do I need to do to use the mobile browser service?

To use BAC Personal Mobile Banking’s mobile browser service, you must:

  • Have an online banking account
  • Have a mobile phone that supports web browsing
  • Have a wireless data plan with your mobile service carrier
  • Register for Mobile Banking and select the mobile browser service

How do I access the Personal Mobile Banking website?

During registration, we send you a unique website address (Smartlink URL) that is intended only for you. The Smartlink will only work on the phones you have registered in Mobile Banking. Be sure to bookmark this address in your phone’s web browser so you can easily return to it.

I lost my link to the Personal Mobile Banking website. What should I do?

You may request a link to the Mobile Banking website by accessing your Mobile Banking Profile in Personal Internet Banking (select Options from the menu and click the Manage Device(s) button).

When I click the link for the Mobile Banking website, nothing happens. What should I do?

Every mobile phone and mobile network is different so you may not be able to click on a link in a text message. Try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Open the text message and click the Send or Go button on your phone to access the website URL. Then click the address to go directly to the website
  • Open the text message and write down your unique website URL in your phone’s web browser to go directly to the website.
  • If you still cannot access the Mobile Banking website, please contact your mobile service carrier.

When I click the link for the Mobile Banking website, I receive an error message “System Error – GetAccounts returned invalid status of internal Error” or “A System Error has occurred, please try again”. What should I do?

These errors are often attributable to a high volume of traffic on the Mobile Banking servers and most often you can try again several minutes later with success. If you continue to receive the error message for an extended period, please call our Customer Service Department at (877) 226-5820.

When I submit a transfer the “Loading” page is displayed for an extended period, essentially “frozen”, and I have to close the Mobile banking session. How do I know if my transfer was successful?

When you log back in to the Mobile Banking browser website, check the transaction history for the “Transfer From” account for the transfer you submitted. If the transfer is not displayed in the transaction history, please call our Customer Service Department at (877) 226-5820.

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