eStatements Reduce Clutter and Increase Security

Reduce the clutter while improving your safety and security.

Sign up to have eStatements delivered directly to your online banking. Receive statements shortly after they are created instead of waiting for mailed paper statements to be delivered. Eliminate the risk of your paper statement getting lost or stolen, too.

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Benefits of Electronic Statements

  • Electronic statements are available sooner than mailed paper statements.
  • Statements are securely stored and accessed through online banking.
  • Easily download and save statements as needed.
  • No risk of statements being delivered to the wrong house or office.
  • Reduce mailbox clutter.
  • Eliminate waste by saving paper and fuel.

Disadvantages of Paper Statements

  • It's easy to miss a paper statement without realizing it has fallen into the hands of a thief.
  • Paper statements need file storage space and eventual shredding.
  • Natural resources and chemicals used in paper statements expand your carbon footprint.

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