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Cash Management 

A Simplified Cash Management Solution for Your Business

Simply e Cash Management is an Internet based information system that assists in maximizing the effectiveness of businesses' cash management systems. Retrieving account data, balance information and transaction detail has never been easier. With Simply e Cash Management you can retrieve a wealth of information about your various accounts quickly, easily and securely. Simply e Cash Management not only provides balance information, but also gives you the capability to generate automatic ACH and wire transactions, create book transfers, stop payments and exchange electronic messages with the Bank.


Online Bill Pay 

Easily Manage Your Business Expenses and Automate Recurring Payments

Simply e Online Bill Pay has standard payment features that have become a necessity for many businesses. These features include scheduling payments for future dates, making one-time or recurring payments, and sending funds either electonically or by paper check -- depeding on the recipient.


Visit these pages for more information on available features:



Receive Your Account Statements Online

If you would like to receive your account statement faster try our electronic statement service.


Merchant Remote Deposit 

The Fastest Way to Turn Checks into Cash!

If you make frequent deposits of checks, deposit large volumes of checks, or have checks of high value that need to get the Bank right away, Simply e Merchant Remote Deposit is the perfect service for you. Simply e Merchant Remote Deposit uses a device to scan all of your checks which creates an electronic file that is transmitted to the Bank each day. You simply scan your checks, check your total and when you are finished submit your deposit. You do not have to take valuable time out of your day to run to the bank. Instead, you can use your time running your business. The process is simple. We supply your business with a check scanner, train you and your staff and test your first deposit! Make deposits from your office – not ours – anytime day or night.


Apply for a Simply e Merchant Remote Deposit account today!

Positive Pay 

One Sure Way to Protect Your Business Against Check Fraud

Fraud costs businesses billions of dollars each year and is one of the most common crimes against organizations, businesses, and financial institutions. One key way you can protect your business from check fraud is with Simply e Positive Pay. The Positive Pay service allows customers and the Bank to work together to detect fraud by identifying items presented for payment that the customer did not issue. With Simply e Positive Pay, the customer transmits a check issued file to the Bank and the Bank compares checks received for payment against the issued file and questionable items are presented to the customer for consideration for payment.


Apply for a Simply e Positive Pay account today!



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